Revisions Policy

Welcome to our revisions policy page, where we explain how our offer of unlimited revisions works, along with its limitations.

We're committed to making sure you love the final product. That's why we're excited to provide unlimited revision requests for 15 days following the delivery of your edited images.

If you find yourself needing edits after this period, don't hesitate to get in touch.

1) Unlimited revisions are specific to your original choice of Furniture Style.

Let's say you chose a Modern Furniture Style but later want to switch to a different style. In such cases, an extra charge of 50% of the original image cost may be applied.

Most of the time, the revisions you ask for will be within the original style you picked, and we're more than happy to make those adjustments for free, as long as they're requested within 15 days of receiving your images.

2) Please make sure your revision requests are consistent.

Take a moment to double-check your reference photos and the instructions you're about to send us. Once you've made a request, we'll move forward based on the initial instructions you've provided. So, we kindly ask you to avoid making complete U-turns or sending us contradictory requests.

3) We prefer revision requests that cover the whole design.

We ask that you send us all the changes you want to see in one go.

Sending separate requests for changes to individual items isn't something we can accommodate.

Here's what we mean:

Good to go:

Revision 1: Change the couch from white to beige, add more decorative pillows, and take out the corner plant.

Not so much:

Revision 1: Change the couch from white to beige.

Revision 2: Add more decorative pillows.

Revision 3: Take out the corner plant.

It really helps if you can bundle all your requests into one. It's more efficient for both of us that way.

We're here to work with you, and we genuinely want you to be thrilled with what we deliver.

This document was last updated on March 1, 2024.