8 Luxury Staging Tips to Attract Potential Buyers

Luxury staging of an office
An office space that's staged minimally creates an inviting and productive atmosphere.

The luxury real estate market, according to Investopedia, consists of homes priced from as little as $500,000 to multi-million houses. The price ultimately depends on the location, with the metropolitan areas boasting significantly higher prices. Luxury real estate is a very small market, but it's also one that's very lucrative because those homes usually sell very quickly and often at an above-market price.

If you're selling a luxury home, the first thing you might think to do is hire an expensive professional stager to transform your space into the most lavish and impressive home imaginable. 

However, staging a regular home, let alone a luxury one is a costly and time-consuming process, with thousands of dollars going on upkeep costs alone. This can seriously decrease the profit margin once the home is sold. 

But how do you stage a high-end property without spending thousands of dollars? 

This is where virtual staging comes in handy. Virtual staging allows anyone to showcase their home online in its full beauty, allowing a perfect viewing experience for people interested in buying high-end homes.

Virtual staging is a resource that's becoming more and more popular with luxury home sellers, and for a good reason. By using professional photography, editing, and videography to show off your high-end home, you can better communicate what it's really like to potential buyers. 

In fact, virtual staging can decrease the time it takes to sell without sacrificing the final closing price.

Virtual staging is no doubt a real selling point in the luxury market, but it can be tricky to do right. There are a lot of factors to take into account when staging a luxury property that you want to sell—but it's not impossible. 

Here are some tips on how to make your luxury property really stand out:

1. Keep Things Minimal

You've heard it time and time again: first impressions are everything. And the truth is, they really are that important—not only in business, but in life too. So when you're selling your home, it's crucial to make a strong first impression on potential buyers.

You may be wondering how minimalism comes into play here. The idea of staging often brings up images of staged bedrooms from the set of a romantic comedy—lots of furniture and decoration that serve no purpose other than to look good on camera.

But minimalism is actually an especially valuable tool in staging because it's one of the fastest, most economical ways to create a visually appealing environment without over-furnishing your space (which can sometimes feel cluttered or overwhelming).

Be careful not to overcrowd the area with bulky furniture pieces, as that can achieve the opposite effect than the one you were hoping for — making the space feel small and cramped. Nothing turns away a potential home-buyer faster than a cluttered and overcrowded space, as that implies stress to potential buyers on a subconscious level.

Minimalist staging makes your home look clean and spacious—a very attractive quality for people who are looking at potential homes to buy. 

Staging is a powerful tool in selling a home, but it can also be a little intimidating to know where to start. There are so many options for furniture and decoration, and it's easy to get carried away with lavish purchases or unneeded additions. Getting the right amount of staging is key, so it's important to consider the purpose of your staging as you're choosing décor.

A modest amount of furniture will accomplish this goal without going overboard. It'll create enough space for buyers to envision their own furniture in the space and won't distract them from the layout or the home's features.

Minimalist staging aims to create an open and inviting home without showing off or over-accessorizing. Avoid adding busy and ornate accessories as they will serve as visual distractions. Minimalist staging also means removing anything that is unnecessary or that might distract from the room's purpose.

2. Stick to the Neutral Color Palette

Luxury staging of the living room open space
The neutral color palette makes the home appear clean and bright.

One of the best ways to trick buyers into thinking a home is worth more than it is is by following a neutral color palette. This creates a sense of timelessness and elegance that will make your house seem like it could have been built at any time in the last century.

A neutral scheme works best because it doesn't distract from the architectural details of your home, and since you want to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible, you want to avoid putting someone off with a particularly dated or unusual color scheme

Neutral colors also work best because they're easier to match--you don't want to put flooring or countertops in a kitchen that won't go well with the cabinets (and vice versa). On top of that, if you have neutral colors throughout, you have a better chance of picking complementary pieces that will look great together. 

You also have to make sure that everything has a cohesive feel. You don't want to pick one set of colors for the living room and another for the kitchen if they're right next to each other.

When selecting the color scheme for your home, opt for a palette of soft neutrals like beige, cream, and taupe instead of bright primary colors or bold patterns. By using neutral colors, you create a blank canvas that lets buyers decide how they want their home to look. 

You’re probably seeing that a lot of sellers are coming in with things that are very bold or trendy—colors that can be very exciting when you're buying something for yourself, but that might not be as attractive for someone else.

On top of that, bold color choices may not always work for luxury staging. If a house is only painted with neutral colors, it appears clean and fresh to any potential buyer.  The color of the walls, cabinets, flooring, and even the blinds can be changed after selling the house.  Furniture can also be changed or moved around, but the bones of the home need to be appealing first.

When a house is neutral-colored, buyers feel as if they are purchasing a blank slate - ready to move right in.  Staging a home with neutral colors also allows agents to give buyers ideas on how they could upgrade their house into their perfect dream home.

3. Add Interest with a Range of Textures

An example of luxury virtual staging of a master bedroom
Even though the room is staged in a neutral color palette, the interest is achieved by using a wide variety of textures.

Liven up your staging with rich textures. This can be done by adding a Persian rug over hardwood floors or by placing a woven basket next to a leather ottoman. As far as furniture goes, velvet and leather are especially effective—and if you're going with leather, bring out a velvet pillow to balance it out.

Textures are also present in artwork and wall coverings—if you're using bold colors in an accent piece, like a vibrant painting or an antique mirror, pair it with neutrals (like white) so that it doesn't become too overwhelming for potential buyers.

You can use different textures throughout your house to add visual interest and create a sense of depth in your staging. From polished wood floors and stainless steel appliances to rough-hewn wooden shelves and hand-thrown pottery, including contrasting textures will make the space feel much more interesting, even if it's not the most obvious choice for your space.

When you're deciding how to fill out a room, think about what textures would feel natural in that space—and then mix and match those elements throughout! Rather than packing your rooms with extra furniture, use textural elements to make it look like there's more stuff in the space than there actually is.

In order to really make the space pop, always go for texture—it can go a long way towards creating a luxurious feel in any room.

4. Showcase Unique Artwork

Whether we're selling our home or helping a client who wants to sell theirs, the artwork is one of the most important staging elements. A painting or a sculpture can change how a space looks and how it feels. The use of even a single work of art can be enough to set the tone for an entire room. But, of course, the right art can also be a powerful way to add value to your property.

A piece of art displayed in a prominent place is the home staging idea that makes the biggest impression on buyers. The room instantly becomes more personalized and cozy when you add the artwork to your staging. Some types of art immediately give off a warm or rustic vibe; others can serve as a conversation starter or evoke an emotion or memory in your buyer. 

Make sure that you're choosing pieces that are appropriate for your target audience; if you're trying to sell to an older crowd, you should probably stick with more traditional pieces that aren't too avant-garde. 

Abstract art has become the most popular style among buyers—it immediately draws their eyes and gives them something to talk about while looking around the house. Abstract art pieces pair well with modern homes with cutting-edge architecture.

Be sure to always keep in mind how the placement of your artwork impacts the flow from room to room. For example, if you're going from an entryway into a living room, take care not to place any larger pieces directly between the two rooms, so you don't block off any part of your home unnecessarily.

5. Sell Your Clients on the Luxury Lifestyle

Luxury is a state of mind, and you can show your clients that their property is worth the high price tag by giving them the glamourous staging touches they crave.

When you're marketing to potential buyers in the >1M range, it's essential to give them everything they're looking for — and then some. Luxury staging is key when you're trying to sell a property in this bracket (if you haven't yet heard about the importance of staging your home for sale, here are some virtual staging benefits).

Using luxurious touches around each room keeps potential buyers from thinking that the home is overpriced or lacking valuable features. You can show them what they're missing by having a well-stocked bar and an entertainment system that rivals those found in hotels. If you can add some romance in the bedroom, even better! Luxury staging adds value to your property no matter what price point you are targeting.

For example, using nice linens on all of the beds in the house will give it an air of sophistication at a minimal cost. Make sure that all areas are clean and cared for with fresh bedding and easily replaceable decorative items like pillows and wall hangings. For high-end properties, it's important that everything is perfect and shows no signs of wear or tear.

Simply put, a good luxury home stager knows what makes certain luxe touches work—and what doesn't. Below are some easy tips to ensure you're making your clients' properties shine at their next open house:

Perhaps your prospective clients like to entertain in style, so make sure to stage your kitchen and dining room with stylish tableware so that buyers can picture themselves hosting an elegant dinner party or spending quality time with friends. 

But don't stop there! Luxury staging extends beyond the walls of your home and onto your front lawn and driveway as well. Another secret to luxury staging is always keeping fresh cut flowers in vases at all times.

Ultimately, the point is to showcase the luxurious lifestyle available to just a few. That may involve highlighting the scenic view from the house or spotlighting the unique amenities that a home has to offer. Create exclusivity and scarcity with your design, so you can sell your home faster and above the asking price.

6. Choose Lighting Fixtures That Look High-End

When you stage a house to attract buyers, it's essential to consider the lighting. Unfortunately, many people don't realize that the lighting in a house can be one of the biggest selling points or deterrents to a house. In order to make sure your place is the most appealing possible, it's important to choose lighting fixtures that look high-end and that would add visual appeal to the interior.

Another thing to keep in mind when you're selling a home, you want to make the most of it to maximize the profits for your clients. A luxury interior will attract high-end homebuyers, and high-end homebuyers are more likely to pay full asking price (or maybe even above!) for a property.

Aesthetically, lighting fixtures can be an essential touch to make a whole room feel luxurious. The ideal fixture should be simple but elegant—nothing too ostentatious or fussy, something that wouldn't look out of place on the set of a big-budget movie. 

This is also an excellent time to consider what kind of light you want to create in the space—warm or cool? Bright or dim? Elegant and soft, or sharp and crisp? This is important because matching the right lighting with the right mood will give off the right impression to buyers visiting your property.

Don't be afraid to make a grand statement with your choice of lighting. For example, if you opt for an eye-catching chandelier, the chances are that the potential buyers will remember the property long after they've left it.

7. Don’t Forget About the Exterior Spaces

Luxury staging of an exterior space
Exterior spaces have become more important than ever to home-buyers.

Proper landscaping makes a home look more attractive and increases its curb appeal. Consider that your lawn is also one of your biggest marketing tools—a well-maintained lawn can be worth thousands of dollars when putting your home on the market.

Well-maintained landscaping can have a massive impact on how a buyer feels about the property. Not only can it help you sell your home quickly, but your buyers will appreciate the extra effort you put into maintaining your yard and garden. 

One of the direct consequences of the pandemic is that home-buyers care about exterior spaces now more than ever. If you want to sell your property for top dollar, you need to make sure that the exterior is staged correctly. That may include a fire pit, sunbeds, a pool house, and more. It will be worth the effort, trust me.

8. Spotlight Unique Amenities

Luxury staging of a pool table; games room
It's important to highlight unique amenities in order to attract buyers

Real estate agents will tell you that the number one way to attract buyers is to have unique amenities in your home. Immaculate, updated kitchens are great for selling a house. However, luxury kitchens with chef-quality appliances and the latest in high-end design are the type of amenities that will put your house at the top of everyone's wish list.

Some examples of luxe amenities include:

  • Built-in wine cooler and handcrafted cabinets
  • Master bath with whirlpool tub and steam shower
  • Fireplace with surround sound system and state of the art heating
  • Indoor/outdoor kitchen with gas line to hook up the grill and pizza oven
  • A room dedicated solely to games, including a pool table, dartboard, foosball table, and more

So, think about it — what sets your house apart from the others on the market? Do you have a mountain view? Is there a hot tub or pool in your backyard? Maybe you have an onsite gym or even a putting green. Whatever it is, make sure it's included in all of your photos.

How to Achieve a Luxury Staging Look with Virtual Staging

Luxury staging of a dining room and kitchen
You can achieve a luxury look with virtual staging

It's no secret that luxury staging techniques can be a great way to attract qualified buyers to your property. But it can be challenging to achieve the perfect luxury staging look while at the same time turning a profit on your home, especially if you're trying to move in a time crunch.

Virtual staging can help you maximize your returns. It is up to 96% cheaper than traditional staging. And best of all, you can still achieve that luxurious look you are going for, just now for a fraction of the cost. 

At VirtualStaging.com, we have a wide selection of 3D models at our disposal. This means that we can achieve the high-end look easily and quickly, saving you time and money in the process.

We can also spruce up the exterior of the property, making the grass greener or adding a twilight backdrop to the photos of your listing.

Write to us now to see all the ways we can help you improve your online presence. 

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