Virtual Renovation 101: Unlocking the Hidden Potential of Your Property

A before and after image of a kitchen that underwent virtual renovation

We all know the power of a well-crafted online presentation when it comes to selling a property swiftly. It can be the deciding factor between a quick sale or a prolonged listing that raises eyebrows. In fact, the significance of a strong online presence cannot be overstated, given that 96% of buyers begin their home search on the internet.

But what if your property is still under construction, leaving you without those show-stopping visuals? Or perhaps your home is a fixer-upper, and you simply don't have the financial resources or time to undertake a major remodel before putting it on the market.

In this article, we'll explore a game-changing solution to these challenges. Get ready to discover how virtual renovation can turn the tide, capturing buyer interest and maximizing the potential of your property, all without breaking the bank or delaying your sales timeline.

Here’s an overview of everything that we’ll cover in the article:

What is Virtual Renovation?

Virtual renovation, also known as virtual remodeling, is the use of digital technology to visually enhance and transform the appearance of a property without going through costly and time-consuming physical renovations.

Through this service, you can easily make changes to various structural elements like the flooring, walls, and drywall. Whether you want to replace old carpet with sleek hardwood, add a modern accent wall, or even create an open-concept layout, virtual renovation allows you to bring your vision to life.

Moreover, virtual renovation allows you to take on comprehensive kitchen and bathroom remodels, completely revamping these areas to meet the modern demands of potential homebuyers.

And we can't underestimate the importance of outdoor areas either. Virtual renovation also gives you the ability to upgrade the property exterior, whether it's just by enhancing your landscaping or taking it to the next level with the addition of a stunning pool.

A before and after image of an open-space living area that's underwent virtual renovation to be modernized

With this service, you have the opportunity to unlock the full potential of the property that could otherwise be easily overlooked amidst a sea of other listings. By creating a home that is both visually stunning and perfectly tailored to the preferences of your target audience, you can ensure that it stands out in the market and captures the attention of those who are looking for their dream home.

Who Can Benefit from Virtual Renovation?

There are two major groups that stand to benefit the most from virtual remodeling: property developers seeking to showcase their unfinished projects, and home-sellers with older or outdated properties aiming to attract buyers through virtual transformations.


Amidst the current housing market dynamics, characterized by high interest rates and a limited inventory of homes for sale, many homeowners are reluctant to sell, fearing the impact of these rates on their future purchases. 

As a result, new construction homes have emerged as a vital player, helping to buoy the market. In fact, recent data from Redfin reveals that newly built homes accounted for a substantial share of nearly one-third (31.4%) of single-family homes available in the U.S. market in 2023.

A significant number of these homes are sold even before completion, with 19% of new construction buyers reporting their intention to buy an unfinished home in 2023. However, to ensure a quick and effective sale, it is crucial to showcase the property's potential and assist buyers in envisioning how it will look once it is fully finished.

This is where virtual remodeling comes in. By digitally finishing the building process, it adds all the essential elements such as built-ins, appliances, and even 3D furniture. 

A before and after transformation of a kitchen. The before image shows a kitchen that's unfinished, the after image shows a kitchen that underwent virtual remodeling.

With this innovative approach, buyers of new construction homes can gain a comprehensive understanding of the layout and fully grasp the potential of the space. It provides them with a realistic visualization of the finished product, allowing them to explore various possibilities and make informed decisions.

Property developers should also be mindful of this important consideration: new construction buyers are the most inclined to make offers without physically viewing the property, with 67% expressing at least some level of confidence in doing so. 

However, for this to become a reality, developers must equip buyers with the essential information needed to make informed decisions, and virtual renovation can serve as an invaluable tool in achieving this goal.


Selling older homes that haven't seen updates in a while can be quite a challenge when it comes to presenting them in an enticing way. No matter how hard you try, these homes just don't seem to photograph well, which can lead to a lack of buyer interest. As a consequence, the home may end up languishing on the market for far too long, simply because you haven't discovered the magic formula to sell them.

A before and after image of a living room that's been modernized and updated through virtual renovation

Contrary to the popular belief, there is a market for these homes. Some may refer to it as the "HGTV effect," but according to NAR's 2023 report, 51% of respondents have witnessed an increase in the number of buyers planning to remodel a home. 

That's not all – another 36% of respondents have also witnessed an uptick in the share of buyers who are looking to flip a home.

To truly capture the attention of these audiences, it's essential to showcase the property's untapped potential. And the good news is that virtual remodeling can be your ultimate ace up your sleeve, requiring minimal cost and effort. By harnessing the power of virtual remodeling, you can effortlessly transform the property and highlight its possibilities, allowing potential buyers to easily envision the end result. 

Virtual Renovation Cost: What to Expect?

Virtual renovation costs can vary significantly depending on various factors, including the extent of renovations needed and the provider you choose. Some providers offer a wide range of pricing options that are tailored to specific types of changes required, while others may have a more standardized pricing model for their services.

When it comes to specific pricing examples, floor and wall changes typically fall within the more affordable range, ranging from under $5 to $30 per photo. 

The cost of virtual remodeling itself can range from $15 to $250 per image. However, it's best to approach pricing that falls on either end of this spectrum with caution. Lower-priced options may lack the necessary quality and customization, while higher-priced options may require closer scrutiny to ensure that they offer added benefits that justify the investment.

For example, at, we offer a straightforward pricing structure for virtual renovations. Our flat rate for interior renovations is $90, while exterior renovations are priced at $140. 

Ultimately, it's crucial to strike a balance between cost and quality when selecting a virtual remodeling provider. Consider factors such as portfolio examples, customer reviews, and the provider's reputation in the industry. By doing so, you can ensure that you receive the best possible value for your investment.

Virtual Remodeling Benefits and Perks

With virtual remodeling, you gain access to a multitude of benefits that can revolutionize your approach to property sales and completely transform the way you showcase and market your listings.

More specifically, virtual renovation can help you achieve the following:

1. Establish a Strong Online Presence through Effective Marketing

A before and after image of an under-construction home with entry and home office visible in the photo. The home has been virtually renovated in the after image.

Having high-quality photos of your property is absolutely crucial. Just take a look at the data: according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 73% of real estate agents recommend having professional photos taken for property listings. And as if that wasn't convincing enough, a staggering 96% of buyers' agents also acknowledge the immense significance of photos in a listing.

But let's face it: when you're dealing with a home that's essentially a construction zone or one that hasn't seen updates in several decades, relying solely on photos might not be enough to make the listing truly stand out and capture attention.

Virtual renovation works wonders in enhancing the appeal of your properties on listing platforms, resulting in a significant boost to their online visibility and engagement, and thus expanding their reach to a wider audience. That way, you can gain a distinct competitive edge over similar listings in the market.

2. Assist Buyers in Visualizing the (Untapped) Potential of the Property

One of the major challenges real estate agents often face is the difficulty home-buyers encounter when trying to visualize their future lives in a property.

According to 81% of buyers' agents, staging a home makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property as their future home. However, staging alone may not always be the ideal solution for certain types of properties.

Take, for instance, off-plan or under-construction properties. Traditional staging simply won't work in these cases. While providing a floor plan in the listing can be helpful, it might not be enough to truly capture the essence of the property. That's where virtual renovation steps in, allowing these properties to be digitally finished and showcasing their full potential with fully fitted out and staged interiors. Something like this can immensely help potential buyers to make well-informed decisions.

A before and after image of an under-construction home office that underwent virtual renovation

Now, let's talk about older properties. Potential home-buyers can easily get distracted by outdated furniture and finishes, making it challenging for them to see past these elements and appreciate the true potential of the home. While staging can certainly help, sometimes it may clash with the condition of the house. Virtual remodeling can help here as well, enabling home-buyers to visualize the home's potential without being hindered by its unappealing exterior.

3. Facilitate Buyers in Forming a Deep Emotional Connection to the Property

Lifestyle changes are often the primary motivation behind people's decision to buy a new property. They seek properties that instantly resonate with their vision of an ideal life, evoking thoughts like "this is the life I envision for myself."

A top-notch listing should instantly grab the attention of potential buyers and ignite their curiosity by answering the unspoken question of what their life would be like in that property. This approach allows potential buyers to become fully immersed and emotionally invested in the listing, making it more likely for them to take the next steps towards making it their own.

A before and after image of a kitchen that underwent virtual remodeling

Unless you have an infinite amount of time and money at your disposal, virtual renovation stands out as one of the few tools available in the market that can effectively accomplish this.

4. Unlock a World of Limitless Customization Options

When you remodel your property virtually, the possibilities are truly boundless. Here at, we offer a diverse selection of 8 different interior design styles to choose from, but that's just the beginning.

A before and after image of a kitchen that underwent virtual remodeling

We understand that every client has a distinct vision in mind, which is why we go above and beyond to bring that vision to life. Whether you have reference photos or a detailed explanation, we are committed to delivering exactly what you're looking for. 

In the real world, making changes on the fly during extensive remodeling projects can often be difficult or impractical. However, with our unlimited number of revisions, you can rest assured that we won’t rest until your vision comes fully to life. 

5. Achieve Significant Time and Cost Savings

Renovating your property prior to selling it can have a remarkable impact on its value and appeal to potential buyers — that’s without question. However that may not always be possible because not everyone has unlimited funds or time to invest into their property before putting it on the market.

Now, let me make one thing clear: virtual renovation cannot deliver the same ROI as actual renovation — I think we all know that. However, it can effectively highlight the untapped potential of your property to potential buyers, so you don't miss out on securing a great sale.

Instead, virtual renovation offers a different advantage - it simplifies the listing process, enabling you to have your property listed in just 2-5 business days. And the best part? It won't break the bank.

Virtual Renovation for Commercial Spaces

Don't let the focus on residential properties fool you – virtual remodeling is not exclusive to homes. Whether you're a developer looking to showcase an under-construction commercial space, a seller seeking to enhance the appeal of an office building, or a property owner aiming to attract potential tenants, virtual remodeling offers a highly effective solution.

A before and after image of a an unfinished build turned into a commercial office through virtual renovation

By virtually showcasing the untapped potential and possibilities of commercial spaces, you can captivate the interest of potential buyers or tenants, ultimately maximizing the value and desirability of your property. 

Getting Started with Virtual Renovation: What Do You Need?

A before and after image of a bedroom that's still under construction that's been completed through virtual renovation

Getting started with virtual renovation is super simple. Here's how it works:

  1. Register at and create an account.
  2. Upload your property photos to our platform.
  3. Select the Virtual Renovation option.
  4. Provide us with detailed instructions and/or reference photos. The more information you provide, such as desired floor types or wall colors, the better we can meet your expectations. 
It's worth noting that when you're ready to showcase your virtually renovated photos on a listing platform, it's essential to include a disclaimer. This disclaimer serves as a transparent statement, clearly indicating that the images have been virtually renovated. This way, there won't be any surprises or disappointment when the potential buyers see the property in person.

Try Virtual Renovation Now

In summary, virtual renovation offers a game-changing solution for property developers and home-sellers alike. Whether you have an unfinished construction project or an older property in need of a facelift, virtual renovation can transform the appearance of your space without the need for costly and time-consuming physical renovations. 

By enhancing your online presentation with visually stunning virtual renovations, you can capture buyer interest, maximize the potential of your property, and ultimately achieve a swift and successful sale. So why wait?

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